UNIV is committed to delivering the best solution for each of our clients. To do so, we freely combine devices designed in-house with technologies developed by a wide range of providers to create optimal solutions.

For each client, UNIV delivers the ideal solution by seamlessly combining innovative technology developed in-house with off-the-shelf products from a wide range of providers.

Launch, manage and upgrade revenue-generating, state-of-the-art video services quickly and easily, without investing in capital equipment, content, in-house video expertise or development.


UNIV's Video Online Delivery Solution (uVOD)


Cloud-based UNIV uVOD is a white-label hosted OTT solution that enables MSOs, ISPs and Telcos to offer video on demand and linear channel streaming quickly, easily, and without investing scarce resources in costly equipment and manpower. It is ideal for small operators who are offering OTT services for the first time, as well as for operators seeking to replace legacy VOD systems.

uVOD is available as a technology -only service or as a technology + content package that includes subscription-based (sVOD) and transaction-based (tVOD) selections. Its easy-to-use front-end interface enables consumers to search and select on-demand and linear content from an integrated fully branded website or mobile application.

The uVOD platform leverages adaptive bit streaming with automatic recognition of bandwidth conditions to stream content at the bit rate that provides the best possible consumer experience on any user device, including smartphones, tablets and OTT media players.

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UNIV Interactive Video Experience (iVE)

UNIV's Interactive Video Experience (iVE) is a fully managed service for creating high-impact, highly viral, first-person 360° video experiences. It enables viewers to experience the thrill of being right there in a sports, entertainment or cultural event venue and creates a high level of engagement that is ideal for advertising applications.

Leveraging unique multi-lens spherical view cameras and sophisticated stitching technology, iVE allows viewers to virtually participate in televised events in real time or on-demand by simply moving an iOS or Android second-screen device through three dimensions, or via a mouse-controlled browser application. iVE requires no capital investment and is ideal for advertising, sports or event applications. It includes camera set-up and operation, encoding, app design and streaming to software applications.

iVE allows broadcasters to add another screen to monetize their content by selling sponsorship, hotspots and banners with advertisement during events and on demand viewing. Integrated RSS feeds, polling, graphics and ad insertion, and social media integration provide increased viewer involvement, reach and messaging capabilities.

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UNIV video production Flight-Packs provide a highly dynamic, flexible and easily transported solution for your outside broadcasting (OB) needs, with all the capabilities of OB trucks and none of the limitations. With an order horizon that is a fraction of the time required to fit-out a truck, they are ideal for short production deadlines.

UNIV video production Flight-Packs are scalable, versatile and can be easily packed, loaded and shipped as standard cargo on any airflight. They are ideal for the most experienced producers as well as for non-traditional broadcasters who are just beginning to produce next-generation content.

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UNIV Media Process Manager (MPM)


UNIV Media Process Manager (MPM) seamlessly integrates existing broadcaster systems to create a single, easy-to-manage unified video workflow. MPM replaces diverse management interfaces with a coherent and centrally managed video "assembly line" that starts from ingest and includes processing, media asset management, ad insertion, traffic control, billing, monitoring, reporting and all other processes. Using sophisticated APIs, MPM can be integrated with both new and legacy broadcaster systems.

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UNIV Unified Video Platform (UVP)

Video and audio have now joined text as mainstream "containers" for data used every day by businesses in industries ranging from medicine to manufacturing, and insurance to education, and of course, entertainment and media. While solutions for managing, archiving, publishing and securing traditional enterprise data abound, enterprises are quickly realizing that similar systems are required for multimedia content. Unified Video Platform (UVP) provides a comprehensive, cloud-based ecosystem for media management, cataloging, security, sharing, publication and more. Covering all necessary elements from ingest to transcoding for all viewing devices, UNIV's UVP is the ideal ecosystem for today's rapidly evolving media environment.

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UNIV's unique, patent-pending, proprietary approach to archive digitization empowers organizations to quickly and cost-effectively migrate to digital. FBA 1.0 supports a broad variety of new and legacy media formats and file wrapping standards for easy integration with existing workflows. It enables archive owners to generate substantial revenues by offering and licensing archival materials, in current formats and media, to professional users and the public.

The UNIV archiving digitization service leverages automated robotic digitization workflow that quickly, accurately and comprehensively migrates legacy analog and digital video with diverse formats and from a variety of media. Content is saved to the digital format of the customer's choice and uploaded to the storage media and location specified by the customer.

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