Now you can instantly gear up to take advantage of business opportunities, regardless of limitations on in-house media processing capacity or capital budgets. Flexible, reliable UNIV Managed Services include all functionality, from ingest to delivery, so you can provide your customers with the services they need, without the expense and risk of investing in in-house systems.


Choose on-site UNIV managed facilities installed by UNIV, and operated either by your staff or by qualified UNIV operators. Or tap in to our remote services fully managed by UNIV service.

High capacity UNIV systems are completely transparent to your customers, so you can scale your business quickly and provide services on an OPEX basis.

UNIV Managed Services include

TV Everywhere

Quality Control

Monitoring and Optimization


Network Operating Center

Customer Support

Logging and Metadata

Ingest and Playout

Cloud Management

Remote Media Asset Management

Digitalization/Archiving - FBA 1.0

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