UNIV Design & Engineering services develop creative and effective solutions for broadcast and media production, post-production, transmission, distribution and communications systems. Whether you need to integrate new capabilities in an existing system or to create a full end-to-end high performance workflow from scratch, our experienced team has the experience and expertise you need.

Our thorough discovery process is the key to the success of our design and engineering services. Before the first sketch is drawn or spec is written, we make sure that we fully understand the business and technical needs that underlie the project, as well as the path and characteristics of the content that is the lifeblood of every media business.

Once we understand the role the planned solution will serve and how it will be used, we design systems that will continue to provide high-quality signals for years to come, and that can be easily upgraded and scaled as new technologies come online and your business grows. Our systems are precision engineered for outstanding performance, ease of operation, and low maintenance. Fine-grained layouts, workflows, wiring plans, lists of equipment and precise selection of software prevent unpleasant surprises during the installation process.

Count on UNIV to design


Broadcast Facilities

Broadcast facilities including production studios, master control rooms, newsrooms, sound stages, on-site broadcast booths and graphic editing facilities.


OB Vehicles

Outside broadcasting vehicles and mobile units such as satellite and broadband newsgathering trucks, compact on-board broadcast systems, and production trailers.


Satellite Stations

Satellite earth stations and other transmission stations.


Digital Asset Management

Digital asset management systems that provide instant access to all digital assets while ensuring their security. Integrated UNIV systems may be based at the customer's site or hosted by UNIV and provided on a software-as-a-service basis.


Media Asset Management

Media asset management (MAM) systems that are fully integrated with all workflows. UNIV MAMs organize media assets and associated metadata and provide easy, secure, permission-based access.


Content Mgmt

Content management systems (CMS) that support content providers through all stages of content publication in collaborative environments. UNIV content management systems manage versions, metadata, access, formats and more while ensuring a smooth workflow.

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