About Univ

Unified Video Technologies was established by industry professionals with decades of experience in media and entertainment technologies.

UNIV's vision is to make video solutions more agile, accessible, affordable, and easy-to-use for broadcasters, content providers and media companies. By leveraging advances in networking technology and digital video, UNIV realizes its vision by developing and implementing powerful video platform-as-a-service and managed service solutions for OTT delivery, digital workflows, second-screen applications and media archives.

UNIV's founders gained in-depth expertise in both the business and technology of broadcasting as partners in Miami-based system integrator World Wide Broadcast (WWB), and subsequently with KIT Digital. The companies successfully deployed some of the most advanced broadcast and media solutions in the industry for key clients across the globe. In late 2012, UNIV was established through its founders' purchase of the Broadcast System Integration group from KIT Digital.

UNIV's system integration expertise expertly transitions customers to powerful new media workflows through cost-effective solutions that are customized to fit each enterprise.


UNIV creates unique and unequalled viewing experiences for consumers by providing innovative customized managed solutions that content providers can leverage using highly profitable business models.

UNIV Values


Our company is founded on the values of integrity, honor, trust and respect. We believe in our role as standard-bearers for our industry as well as the communities we live in. In all our efforts we actively promote professional excellence and social responsibility.

  • We act with integrity. In every situation, we expect honesty and straightforward, forthright behavior. Our good reputation is important and we all work hard to earn it.

  • Our professional goals do not preempt personal lives. Your families and co-workers come first.

  • We honor everyone and expect you to treat people with respect. Our customers, partners and community deserve it.

  • Make UNIV a positive, stress-free and fun place to work. Our success relies on a positive working environment.

  • We work as a team, and support each other in business and beyond.

  • We encourage and nurture your personal and professional growth.

  • Settle for no less than excellence and aim to exceed customer expectations. There is no "good enough" at UNIV.

  • Create value for the company and achieve business milestones by working together.

  • We expect you to confront problems and resolve them quickly and thoughtfully.

  • We make our community a better place to live. We expect you to get involved through volunteering efforts and donations of our time, labor and financial resources.

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